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Deep Ocean, Green Epoxy and Walnut Serving Set

Deep Ocean, Green Epoxy and Walnut Serving Set

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These serving sets have so many uses. Or they’re great as just a beautiful accent in any room…

They are food safe, so you could use as a charcuterie board, or to serve cookies, tea, etc…

In the guest room on the bedside table with water, mints and a candle

In the bathroom to hold cotton swabs, rings, products or tissues

in the kitchen as a coffee tray for cream and sugar, or for spices, salt and pepper

On the coffee or dining table with a candle and some fresh flower or a plant

This set includes a gorgeous piece of Rainbow Poplar, which naturally has some many unique colors in the grain. It’s one of the few types of wood that has black. And sometimes green or purple in the grain…which complements any decor. The tray comes with a medium rainbow poplar wood bowl and a matching small epoxy bowl.

The tray is 12x16”, the wood bowl is approximately 5”, and the small epoxy bowl is approximately 3”. The bowls are hand turned on a lathe.

This set is made with natural wood and epoxy. The tray has matte black metal handles. Each piece is unique and one of a kind.

To clean wipe down with a soapy sponge, do a quick rinse, and dry completely. DO NOT immerse in water. NOT dishwasher or microwave safe.


Wood and epoxy

Shipping & Returns

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SETS-Trays are approximately 15.75 x 11.75. and .75-1' thick. The medium matching wood bowl is approximately 4.75" in diameter x 1.75" tall. the matching epoxy bowls isI approximately 3"diameter x 2" tall.

BOWLS-Large burl/epxoy bowls are approximately 6"x2" diameter x 2" tall.

Small wood/burl bowls are approximately 4" diameter x 2" tall

Care Instructions

These are made with real wood, they do have a finish on them, so you can hand wash quickly with a soapy cloth and quickly rinse, then immediately dry completely. Do not immerse in water and NOT dishwasher safe. Do NOT microwave.

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