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Buckeye Burl with Red and Gray Epoxy Bowl

Buckeye Burl with Red and Gray Epoxy Bowl

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Our bowls are a beautiful combination of natural wood and complementary epoxy. They have many uses including...

  • Kitchen - they are food safe and can be used on a charcuterie board, to serve cookies, and hold tea bags, cream, sugar or spices
  • Guest Room - hold mints on the bedside table
  • Bathroom - hold rings or cotton swabs
  • ...or just place them anywhere to add beautiful decor to any space!

The bowls are hand turned on a lathe. This bowl is 4" in diameter and 2" tallEach piece is unique and one of a kind.

To clean, wipe with soapy sponge, do a quick rinse, and dry completely. DO NOT immerse in water. NOT dishwasher or microwave safe. 



Wood and epoxy

Shipping & Returns

Shipping calculated at check out. Returns accepted within 30 days as long as the item is in 'like new' condition.


SETS-Trays are approximately 15.75 x 11.75. and .75-1' thick. The medium matching wood bowl is approximately 4.75" in diameter x 1.75" tall. the matching epoxy bowls isI approximately 3"diameter x 2" tall.

BOWLS-Large burl/epxoy bowls are approximately 6"x2" diameter x 2" tall.

Small wood/burl bowls are approximately 4" diameter x 2" tall

Care Instructions

These are made with real wood, they do have a finish on them, so you can hand wash quickly with a soapy cloth and quickly rinse, then immediately dry completely. Do not immerse in water and NOT dishwasher safe. Do NOT microwave.

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